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Research Category: Studies of Wealth Inequity

  • Greater Wealth, Greater Uncertainty: Changes in Racial Inequality in the Survey of Consumer Finances

    October 18, 2023

  • Understanding Latino wealth to address disparities and design better policies

    August 8, 2023

  • The Importance of Wealth to Family Well-Being: Seeding Innovation to Address the Structural Roots of Inequality

    May 8, 2023

  • Trends in the Distribution of Family Wealth, 1989-2019

    September 28, 2022

  • The Geographic Distribution of Extreme Wealth in the U.S.

    July 28, 2022

  • Data from a Native CDFI yield new insights on wealth gap in Indian Country

    July 27, 2022

    Many studies of the racial wealth gap rely on the Survey of Consumer Finances for information (SCF) but the SCF only contains a small number of Native American respondents. Researchers…

  • Stuck on the Ladder: Intragenerational wealth mobility in the United States

    July 27, 2022

  • Racial Wealth Disparities: Reconsidering the Roles of Human Capital and Inheritance

    July 27, 2022

    Large, sweeping research paper that adds to common analyses of wealth using the Survey of Consumer Finances by building in an estimate of the value of defined benefit retirement plans.…

  • Wealth of Two Nations: The U.S. Racial Wealth Gap, 1860-2020

    July 27, 2022

    Analysis looks at size of racial wealth gaps back to 1860 and finds slow convergence through to 1980 and then a widening again since then.